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Using Tubes You Download

The tubes on this site are free for you to use as you wish, except that they are not to be included on another web site for downloading. These tubes are to be used only for your personal use and can not be sold. They will work with versions 6 and above.

Tubes are in .zip format. You must have a program for unzipping the file (If you need software for unzipping these files, try WinZip for free). When you click on the file on a web page, you are given the option of opening it or saving it. Save the file and make sure you remember where you saved it. I know several people that save files and then can't remember where they put it or what the name of the file was :-). I find that the easiest way is to create a folder in "My Documents" named tubes, then every time I download a tube file I save it to that folder.

Once your tube .zip file is saved, go back and find it and unzip it into the same folder. You can usually unzip the file by just double clicking on it and your program (WinZip) will open for extracting the file.

Open Paint Shop Pro and go to "File" and "Browse". Choose the folder you saved the tube file in. You should see the thumbnails (small pictures) of the tubes. Some tubes may show up with a lot of pictures on one graphic. Open a tube file. Notice how many rows and columns of graphics there are. It may have only one, like the ones we made earlier. It may just be one row of several graphics. Most of the tubes here on this web site are just one tube to a file.

Go to "File", "Export" and "Picture Tube". If there was only one graphic for the tube, do as before and just name it and click on "OK". If there was more than one, insert the number of rows and the number of columns that were in the tube. Now name the file and click "OK".  Your tube is now ready to use in your project.

Ready to try it? I have placed some of my tubes on this site for you to download. Click here to go there. There is also a page of links to other sites with free tubes. Have Fun!


If you need software for unzipping these files, try WinZip for free.

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